The Farm

The Gizdich Ranch is in the "core" of Watsonville's apple country on picturesque Peckham Road.  This 4th generation, family owned and operated, agricultural business is testimony that what made America great is still viable.  People who visit seem to realize how rare a successful business such as this are these days.

Apple blossom

"Gizdich Ranch," was originally purchased by Vincent John Gizdich, a Croatian Immigrant, in 1937.  Back then it simply consisted of 5 acres in apples, 5 acres open ground for chickens, pigs, and tomatoes, the home, and packing shed.  In 1950, Mr. Gizdich and son Vincent Jr. leased extra acreage to experiment with the new Olallie berry, which is a cross between a logan and a black young berry from Corvallis, Oregon.  Vince Jr. took over full management of the farm after his father's retirement in 1959.  Vince, Nita and their two sons moved into the original home on Peckham Road and the ranch was now 30 acres of apples and berries.  Another 20 acres were purchased and devoted to Olallie berries.  

In order to ensure marketing of their berries, a "PIK-YOR-SELF" operation was established in 1965 and apples were sold for the first time on the ranch site.  Today people come from all parts of California with their families and friends to pick their own berries and apples for baking, jams, freezing, and eating knowing that it doesn't get any fresher than this.

red barn

The Major symbol of Gizdich Ranch is the "Red Barn" which was built in 1974 and since then other additions were made for cold storage, offices, repair shop, and apple shed.  Some of our sheds are recycled from San Jose, which had to be sold due to urban sprawl.  Nita then decided to transform the original packing shed next to the house into her very own Antique Shop.  A brand new metal building was created in 1980 then known far and near as the Eata Nita Pie Shop.  When first opened, only apple and berry pies were baked, but now you have your choice of 16 varieties (some are seasonal) and even a no sugar added apple pie, puff pastries, and dumplings with a special sauce.  If you want a Holiday Pie (especially Thanksgiving) please call ahead.