"One of the best memories you can make is walking through an orchard or field and picking some ripe delicious fruit."

- Nita Gizdich


Weather conditions can change the dates listed below.  Please call in advance for the most up to date information.

No U Pick available 

  • Strawberries - May through August

  • Olallieberries - June

  • Boysenberries - Mid June

  • Apples - Mid September through Mid October Red Delicious and Gala are available for $1.55/lb. Golden Delicious and Newtown Pippin are still not ripe we are not recommending them be picked. Apples are a 3-4 week season for the U-Pick program, but we will have apples for sale in our red barn through January. Don’t forget your wagons and buckets.

Pik-Yor-Self - Strawberries, Olallieberries, Boysenberries, and Apples are available in our Pik-Yor-Self program. Experience the most fun part of growing fruits, here at the Ranch! Combined with fresh air, sunshine and a little sweat, it's a whole lot of fun for the kids and the entire family. Don't forget your camera.

Call for our opening dates and prepare for a fun day of picking delicious fruit. Bring your own containers or let us provide boxes for a small fee.

When everyone's ready for lunch, picnic behind our sales barn and let the kids play. Plan to see us soon!